Safety training and risk management are two critical issues commonly witnessed in the Transportation industry. Skyztravel takes the responsibility and cost of training and compliance of its employees such as drivers, equipment operators, logistics and supporting administrative staff. We train them well to meet the job requirements and ensure 100% compliance.
We offer safety and compliance online training solutions to all our employees for a variety of roles in car rental services. We understand our clients’ requirements and provide proper training to all new hiring as well old staff members that is made for your company and its core values.


We train our chauffeurs on fortnight basis to keep them abreast of:

  • Behaviour Management.

  • Defensive Driving.

  • Do’s and Don’ts during duty hours.

  • Emergency Response.

  • Hygiene of Vehicle and Driver.

  • Maintenance of Vehicle Accessories.

  • Speed, Seat Belt and Emergency handling.

  • Vehicle Documentation.

Quality Audit and Compliance

We ensure that we stick to the highest quality standards and govern quality audits to discover the loopholes in our services. The audit process includes:

  • 100% compliance to Statutory Documents.

  • Compulsory health check-ups for all Drivers.

  • Focus on Vehicle functionality.

  • Grooming and hygiene of Vehicle and Driver.

  • Maintenance of essential accessories.

  • Surprise audits & Breathalyzer test.