SKY Z Travel Solution

SKY Z Travel Solution  is a brand owned by SKY Z Travel Solution Pvt. Ltd. We cater to a wide range of diverse customer pool which include market leaders of BPOs, Software, and Aviation and Telecom industries. Our services are at par with international standards of transportation, the credit of which goes to our high standards and dedicated manpower behind the operations. Our key strengths that position us as the best Ground transportation Company in India, include:

  • Highly skilled, trained and committed workforce.
  • Compliance to the legal and statutory requirements.
  • Wide network of vehicles including a contingency fleet for emergency conditions.
  • Advanced transportation management solutions to cater to business’s unique needs.
  • Intricately woven network of vehicle manufacturers, technology and GPS providers.
  • Focus on delivering solutions that adds value to the client as well as our portfolio.

Corporate Car Rental

Employee Transportation

BCP- Business Continuity Plan

End to End Transport Solution

Why Choose SKY Z Travel?

We are a statutory compliant, time-dedicated and employee safety-centric company.

  • Well-structured hierarchy with set objectives for all individuals.

  • Expertise, technical know-how and ability to handle and manage requirements with finesse.

  • High level transparency, focus on ethics and fair practices.

  • Intricately woven network of vehicles across metro and satellite cities of India.

  • Trained, skilled and experienced drivers in control of the most advanced and maintained fleet of cars.

  • High range operational efficiency through hold of latest technologies and operational excellence.